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If you enjoy playing keno, then you will be happy to know that you are now able to play this game at anytime, from any place with your WAP enabled mobile phone or i-mode mobile. Basically all you have to do is see if your favorite online casino is offering mobile games, register as a mobile user and click on the link they send to your mobile to download the software. They will probably even throw in some free money for your trouble.

Keno is a game that is based completely on chance, it has an element of risk about it because the outcome is so random and it can also be played for a relatively low wager. The choice is your, you decide how much you want to spend and stick to it. Keno is played using 80 numbers and corresponding balls. (the numbers 1 - 80).

The player has to accurately predict the outcome of the game on a card market with numbers. In each game, 20 numbers are called and the player has to hope they have guessed right, if they have they are a winner. The player is allowed to select as many as 15 numbers, and winnings are paid proportionate to the amount of numbers you guess correctly.

Now that you are able to play mobile keno on your handset, you need never be bored again. It is a fun game to keep you occupied when you have nothing better to do, and the good news is you can play for money or for free.

Mobile Keno software has been designed very much like online casino games, at present there are not too many varieties of casino game available for mobile players, but this is very much still in a testing phase and fortunately keno is a game which has translated well for mobile use. Mobile devices are highly advanced today and these games are designed with this in mind. Mobile keno is graphically well depicted and the quality of the game is also great.

Keno originally derived from China, and is has been said the game was played while the Great Wall of China was being built. But I suppose the workers needed something to keep themselves busy in their time off from building (if they had any time off!). This makes the game approximately 2000 years old, but who would have dreamed all those years ago that we would be playing it on a mobile telephone today?

Obviously the popularity of online keno being played in casinos has made it on of the first choices of game for mobile gaming, but it is in good company, along with games such as video poker, baccarat, slots and even mobile roulette. With the advent of mobile keno, gamblers are demonstrating their love of this game, it was one of the first mobile gambling games to come out of software developers, and it definitely looks as though it is here to stay.



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